Jody Townsend
  1. Jody helped me sell my house and buy my condo. I'm very grateful for her hard work! I would definitely use her again....but I really love my condo
    Molly B
  2. She did everything you’d want in a realtor! Answered all my questions regardless how silly! Was willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything was how it was suppose to be going! And because of her it wasn’t a pain in buying our first house! Thank you Jodi!
    Tyler Y
  3. To put it lightly, Jody was the 'bee's knees'; some may even go as far as to say the 'cat's meow'. Together, we powered through the arduous search of finding the perfect home, and in the end, we prevailed. Happy as a clam I now type reposed in my new home, found and closed via Red Express Realty. Thanks again, Jody!
    Bobbie M
  4. Jody is one of the good ones. She makes the stressful times of searching for the perfect home, fun ... Even when I didn't choose any if these, she continued to work hard, never slowing down and continuously searching for our perfect family home....She found just what we were looking for. Guided us through the bidding, inspection, and closing process. Jody had no problem answering any questions I had along the way. It's been 3+ years and we are just as happy as the day we got the keys. If we ever move again, I know exactly who my first call will be to list my house and find another. You won't go wrong either to call her.
    Colin M